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Tsofun Algorithm announces general availability of the World’s most advanced coder - TGCC – at Satellite 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel, Mar. 8, 2018 – Tsofun Algorithm Ltd. announces general availability of its World’s most advanced coder - TGCC – at Satellite 2018.

TGCC – Tsofun Generalized Concatenated Coder – utilizes the most advanced coding technique bassed on Polar Codes, with substantial, patent-pending improvements.

“TGCC IP Core provides the best combination of low complexity and top performance in spectral efficiency, latency and no error floor - comparing to all existing solutions, including current standard-de-facto DVB-S2X” – said Victor Koretsky, Tsofun’s Chief Marketing Officer, – “our IP Cores agility allows ASIC or FPGA designers to integrate it easily in their implementations saving precious time-to-market and guaranteeing proven top-notch results”.

Satellites are limited and expensive resources. Their main task is to transfer information among distant places. The most important asset of this market is bandwidth. To improve spectral efficiency, satellite systems are using the most advanced technologies in the industry. Tsofun’s TGCC dramatically improves the spectral efficiency – up to 25% over the most advanced current standard-de-facto DVB-S2X, pushing it closer than ever to its theoretical limitation known as the "Shannon Limit”.

About Tsofun

Tsofun Algorythm Ltd. was established in 2015, after more than 15 years of research led by Prof. Simon Litsyn of Tel-Aviv University, with the vision to optimize challenging communication systems by creating a new class of a disruptive Error Correction Coding Schemes, namely TGCC – Tsofun Generalized Concatenated Codes. That revolutionary approach later allowed design of the top performing 5G NR Polar Codec, currently generally available for IP Licensing.

Satellite 2018 contact: Victor Koretsky, +972545225305

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